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Athena's Cancer Journey

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Athena's Cancer Journey

Second Vet Visit. Lots to Update On.

April 16th, 2013 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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April 15, 2013, Monday:

Took Athena to her appointment to see the new vet late Monday afternoon. I picked up the x-rays & last blood test from my regular vet and brought them with me, also. The biggest reason I needed a second opinion was that I did not feel comfortable with the interpretation of the chest x-rays from the previous vet and her overall attitude towards the situation. I left with a not comfortable feeling, so I looked up some local vets online and got the appointment with this new vet. I am so glad that I did. He gave Athena an entire exam, from nose to tail. He listened to each lobe of her lungs and felt/manipulated all of her joints & watched her gait to assess how she would adapt to the forelimb amputation. He believed that she would adapt well, and that being stocky and shaped like a barrel was actually a good thing. [That’s my girl! ;)] He went over the x-rays from the last vet, and said that the three suspicious areas that my regular vet had pointed out- he believed were calcifications (I can’t remember exactly what he called them…) He also shared a lot of information and seemed to very knowledgeable about osteosarcoma as well.

Well, I left with an estimate for the surgery and feeling a lot more confident and comfortable overall, so I called this morning (Tuesday) and scheduled her amputation surgery for my new vet’s  next available time, Monday, April 22. He is still going to take his own chest x-rays before the surgery, while she is sedated, on his digital machine to get a clearer picture and confirm that he did not see any metastasis in her lungs. Fingers crossed he was correct the first time!

Her limp gets really bad sometimes, even with her pain meds. Of course I wish the amputation was sooner than 6 days from now… I want the cancerous tumor off her body ASAP and get rid of her pain, but I feel a lot more comfortable and confident with my new vet.

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  • benny55

    Really glad you have a plan for Athena and that you are comfortable with your new vet.

    I guess in a bizzare way the wait gives her time to continue to adjust to three legs if she’s limping on the other one AND it gives you lots of time to not’ve made a decision best for Athena!! Take lots of photos, get lots of sleep and wallow in the sloppy kisses!!

    She will do well. After the recovery takes it’s course you will be so joyful with how well she will do!! I love that “barrel” shape is a plus! My Happy Hannah is a chunk……call her a baby hippo with three legs!! I like the barrel analogy though.

    You relax, breathe and you can be absolutely certain in your decision…’s one made out of pure love for Athena and that’s always a right decision:-) 🙂 !!!

    Surrounding you with calm and strength. We are all here form you anytime! Sally and Happy Hannah

  • Dakota Dawg

    Good news, Jessica! Having a vet you feel comfortable with and confident about will make a world of difference.

    Does this vet have overnight monitoring? If not, you need to know your options so that YOU can decide what to do. If so, then yay!

    Six days sounds like it’s far away, but you can put a positive spin on it. Many, many people here had little to no warning. Others found this site after amputation, not before. So use those 6 days to think of questions. Write them down and ask them, or come to chat with them. You’ll need to consider things like stairs, floor surfaces, bedding, sleeping arrangements, etc. You even need a plan for loading and unloading your patient. It can be ok to have extra time. And if the pain meds don’t seem to be doing it for Athena, ask the vet if you can bump up the Tramadol.


  • fourminipups

    So glad you have found a vet you could trust. What a difference that can make.

    Hang in there Athena – those six days will go by fast and you will be on your way to feeling better. We will be sending you all our happiest healing thoughts.

  • jerry

    Pawesome! We tell folks that a second opinion can literally mean the difference between life and ….well you know. It’s wonderful that you found this compassionate and up-to-date vet who will be such a big help to you and Athena as you move forward. And of course we’ll be here cheering you on too. If you need anything, just holler!

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