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Athena's Cancer Journey

Another Amazing Tripawds Three Legged Dog Blog

Athena's Cancer Journey

Last Day as a “Quadpawd”

April 22nd, 2013 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

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Yes, tomorrow is the day that my dog becomes a tripawd. So nervous and praying that the surgery goes well. This afternoon I took her dog bed outside and we sat outside enjoying the nice weather- so she got to enjoy her last day before surgery relaxing and she even got one of her favorite treats. A piggy ear!

My last day as a "quadpawd."

My last day as a “quadpawd.”

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  • Dakota Dawg

    Dear Athena,

    Congratulations on getting started on the rest of your life! You are about to join a club with a rough initiation but a truly special membership. We wish you didn’t have to join, but on the other hand we’re glad you’re here. Tell your mama that you will be surrounded by loads of love and concern during your surgery tomorrow. If she closes her eyes and relaxes, she’ll be able to feel it all.

    Also, make sure she knows she HAS to tell us when you are out of surgery and how you are doing. If she thinks nobody’s paying attention, she’ll find out how wrong she is when the private messages start accumulating. So make sure she knows she now has a big ol’ family here fretting over you both.

    And pretty soon your new life vest will arrive. I’ll put it in the mail this week, probably. You can’t use it for awhile, but as soon as the dogtor gives the ok you’ll be good to go.

    Sweet dreams, pretty girl. Tomorrow’s a big day!


  • 3dogmom

    Dear Athena,

    Harley says welcome to the family…he is now 9 days post-op and doing bery well!

    What you can do to relax is know that there are many other like you, going through and gone through. Read as much as you can, and ask lots of questions! Come into chat to learn, meet new friends, and take a moment for yourself!

    WE will all be praying for you and Athena…You will be a great mom and she will be a happier girl!!

    Good luck tomorrow! Let us know how everything goes!


  • benny55

    Athena you are stunningly beautiful…inside and out:-)

    We are all here for you and can help walk o through an challenges/concerns you may have. So etimes no matter how prepared you think you are, those first several days and nights can be unnerving. You have an extended family here willing to help in anyway we can.

    Although Happy Hannah’s recovery was slower than some, I can tell you without a doubt that she is even more vibrant and robust than I imagined possible:-) 🙂 You really will be in awe at how well Athena will do as she progresses through recovery.

    Your paws will be pretty full but please stay connected to this site and let us know how we can help

    Stay strong beautiful Athena:-) 🙂 Sally and Happy Hannah

  • fourminipups

    Athena – We will be thinking about you tomorrow and sendingonly the happiest thoughts your way.

    Hang in there as the next couple of weeks can be challenging, but you will get through it.

    You have beautiful brown eyes and we look forward to seeing more pictures after you join the tripawd club.

    Tell your Mom to hang in there and take care of herself too.

  • destiny

    hey athena be brave my girl its gonna be a long road but u will get there just let mum know ur ok take care keep us updated

  • Beth

    Such a sweet loving face. Good luck tomorrow. The next couple of days will be rough but it will be worth when Athena is no longer in pain. Give us an update when she is out of surgery.

  • admin

    Thank you for sharing Athena’s journey from the beginning, she is beautiful.

    Best wishes for her speedy recovery and many thanks for upgrading her blog with a Tripawds Supporter subscription! 🙂

  • Hachiko Stearns

    Best wishes in a speedy recovery. I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on Feb. 16th and tomorrow will be 8 weeks post amputation. Life is good!

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