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Athena's Cancer Journey

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Athena's Cancer Journey

How Do You Destress?

May 30th, 2013 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

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I got Athena’s cancer diagnosis one month before the end of Spring semester (I am a full time college student.) Her amputation happened in the middle of our last week of classes, with finals shortly after. Talk about a balancing act! I aced all of my classes, and it was a big relief to be done with such a full course load… so, now I am able to spend more time with Athena and attempt to relax a little. Okay, so I’m still taking a class over the summer which is condensed for time and we have a test every week (Starting with today!) But, it’s still easier to focus on just ONE class.

Okay, enough with my rambling, you’re thinking, what’s the point?

Well, to destress I do “crafty” things. Knitting, crocheting, writing, painting, and drawing. I impulsively bought some packs of Artist Trading Cards that were on sale, thinking it would be good to practice little sketches and drawings.

Of course, my first subject was my “Tripawd Goddess,” Athena. 🙂

My sketch of Athena.

My sketch of Athena.

It’s only 2.5″ x 3.5″, and so much fun to finish in just a few hours because it’s small and not as detailed as I would make a large drawing. Well, if you’ve read this far, keep reading…. I’ve thought about it, and I decided that I would like to offer these cards to members of the Tripawds community. If any registered members want to take me up on this, please private message me leave a comment below. (I will need at least one good photo of your special pet.) I am going to limit it to the first 5 responders for now, and I can’t guarantee a delivery date, since this is just something I am doing free of charge and for fun.

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8 Comments so far ↓

  • Michelle

    i love that sketch of Athena. Great job. I just had a local artist draw Sassy’s she is on our blog page. I am glad you are offering this.

    I also am glad you aced your classes.

    Michelle & Sassy

  • Dakota Dawg

    Wow! This is lovely! If this is what you do for fun, what will you do when you’re done with college?


  • benny55

    Oh my gosh!! That is sloop beautiful and so beautiful to offer your talent to us. I’ve got to get off right now so I can pm you right now!!
    Love that you destress this way!!

  • benny55

    Okay, I’m having trouble finding you on pm page. If spot is still available, would like to reserve one for Kermit who just crossed over bridge under name dharma. If spot is available, you can just pm her. She has some recall great photos on this site of Kermit and you canprobavl use held those.

    Thanks for offering such a kind gesture. You have an incredible talent and you have captured the sweet essence of Athena so well.

    The very best to you. If you do this for Kermit, please post it so we can see it!!

    Thanks so much!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  • Dakota Dawg

    Choosing Kermit would be a wonderful gift for Dharma.

    Jessica, you might want to consider doing this for pay. Lots of folks would happily give you money to draw their dogs! And I’m sure you have soooo much spare time!


  • Christine

    omygoodness.. you are very very talented… great job!
    I de-stress by reading.. and making soap, bath and body products.. I too also draw.. but it has been a while since I picked up a pencil.. lol

    That is awfully kind of you to offer to draw some of our sweet babies.. I am not sure how to pm you privately on here.. I will try and figure it out.. lol I think my Frank’n’farter would make a very handsome subject!! lol

  • Christine

    p.s. hug Athena for me.. and good job on the balancing act!!! lol

  • Barret's Mom Heather

    That is amazing. I also do crafty stuff or read fantasy novels to destress. I’m not a talented drawer like you though. That’s just amazing.

    I would totally pay for one of these or donate to tripawds or anything like that.

    Seriously, contact me at and let me know how much. A little drawing of each of my dogs to go next to their footprint imprints in a shadowbox with their first collars… what an idea! I’m giddy.

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